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I would like to share my experience in using this organic empowerment tool in my son’s meltdown last Wednesday.

After school, just a 10min lunch break. I had to rush him to go into my car to travel to Breakthru to attend his weekly program.  It’s a one hour drive if there is no jam.  He fell asleep when there’s 20min close to our destination.  I tried to wake him up but he’s already in deep sleep when we reached.  So I let him sleep in the car till 230pm.  Wake him up nicely n asked whether he would like to continue his program today or we drive home to rest.  He chooses to continue his program.  5pm lesson ends, we depart home.  It’s extremely heavy traffic as it is raining.  In the later part, he started to keep asking when we could reach home as we were already on the road for 2h.  His dinner time already passed.  Finally we reached home after 2.5h drive.  He immediately meltdown once went in to the house.  He cried very loudly.  I try to comfort him, first round not successful.  I knew he was exhausted.  So I quickly put on my oxygen mask.  Told him that I’m going to change pyjamas for him n offer him milk shortly as he refused to take dinner due to tiredness n his dinner time was long passed.

He cried continuously n walked into his bedroom.  He cried more fiercely when lying in bed.  I sat beside him n asked: mummy wonder are you sad?  He didn’t reply.  I repeated n told him mummy would like to help.  We can solve it together.

This round he replied: I’m tired. I want to play at home. Holiday, I want holiday, holiday. Mummy I want holiday.

He doesn’t know how to say he wants a break, but I fully understand his holiday intention.

“Mummy understands that it’s tiring to have a full day program.  How about we take a break next month.  Mummy will play with you after school?”

He stopped crying immediately.  Would you like to take your milk now? Yes.  

5min later, he is in deep sleep.

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