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YEAY!!! Part 2

As a parent, I admitted that I have different expectations on my children other than Aqil. I would assume when they perform any tasks that they are responsible for, those are part of their duties. Thus, I would only want to know that the task is completed without any acknowledgment to be rendered. I was definitely wrong!

At times, we may have forgotten that our children (other than our differently-abled child) also need the P.L.A.Y. from us. I have tested many times that performing this strategy made my children went the extra mile to do better in the same tasks given to them. They would want to show us what they are capable of doing and achieving. Acknowledgement from us is always the reward to them too. We just need to observe (be present and listen) and YEAH! (acknowledge)! (sometimes, just lower down our expectations a little bit J). I am sure, those who had paused and looked at situations like these would agree with me J. Try it out! Perhaps, this is also important to be applied to our significant other too J!

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BEST Parental Consultation Meeting

Breakthru was introduced to me by teachers from a specially setup school for primary school-aged Down Syndrome children, whom had their trainings to deal with special needs individuals at Breakthru Enrichment Station. I braved myself to explore this new place for my 7yo Down Syndrome son with prayers in the heart for a center that would assist me in the development of my kid in his journey to the adolescent years and eventually the early adulthood. Hoping that the center would have good syllabus and methodology in managing the emotions, differing skill sets and good support at various stages of development, while having qualified individuals and safe environment for the children.

Enrolling my kid to Breakthru was an utmost blessing to my family. Aqil, my son, progresses so much in Breakthru. He loves the approaches that the facilitators of Breakthru had put together – from whole and small group activities where playing, dancing, performing and socialising being part of the activities, plus individual sessions where Montessori syllabus are conducted. Parents are signed up to take on BrainGym and Movement Based Learning courses as well; so that, parents take part in the development of the child. The inclusive methodology that Breakthru practices which involve all parties surrounding the child is one bonus point that had attracted me.

Breakthru Facilitators-Parent Consultation Meeting is something that I would look forward to. During the session, parents and facilitators share activities the child goes through at the center, set goals for the child to breakthrough in a timeframe, discuss movements and physiological methodologies that could assist the child in achieving the goals by way of improving his/her motor, cognitive and other social skills, and also as a platform to discuss challenges of all parties while finding ways to manage them accordingly.

Praying that Breakthru Enrichment Station would achieve their very best in their efforts to grow together with the children who go to the center and those other potential children who would be part of Breakthru in the future. It is a family-oriented and friendly center that any family with special needs individual should explore.

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