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‘Breakthru Approach with 3P.L.A.Y.’

I like the whole practical application of the entire course not only for my special need child but also for people surrounding us such as parents, grandparents and spouse.

I love the community in the class who is so willing to share their own journey for the betterment of deeper understanding of the course on different levels and different situations.

I love the breakout group discussions as i am able to meet my fellow classmates and discuss indepth with no personal barriers.

I even developed some new friendship from this class which is so awesome as i have very little chance for socializing.

Overall, Phoebe is a fantastic instructor. She is very clear in explaining and also very wiiling to let us try the technique with no judgement. She brings out the best in each and everyone in the class.

I thank you for the opportunity to learn this wonderful life changing techniques and i highly recommend this class to any parents, teachers, caregivers of any child that is facing challenges in their lives.

Mdm Lai, mother of a 12 years old son who has autism and an occupational therapist

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